TRIMEDX Foundation makes a pivot to continue giving back

If you remember the Friends episode where Ross, Rachel and Chandler move an oversized couch up a narrow, sharp cornered New York City stairwell, then “Pivot!” perfectly describes what most of the world has done during COVID-19 response efforts. It has been the same for TRIMEDX Foundation, as it has risen to the challenge by implementing temporary adjustments during these unprecedented times.    

The life blood of TRIMEDX Foundation―the volunteer biomedical and facilities maintenance technicians―has been called to the front lines working tirelessly to keep hospitals clean, orderly and stocked with supplies while repairing, maintaining and sourcing much needed medical equipment.  Foundation partners face a new set of challenges related to patient care, safety and the shipping & receiving of medical equipment and supplies.

As an organization committed to meeting the unique needs of the communities we serve, pivoting was necessary:

  • In March and April, TRIMEDX Foundation redistributed a portion of our travel budget and made financial contributions to seven of our partners in the United States and abroad. 
  • We are creating a virtual volunteer program to serve our partners in the developing world through prerecorded videos, conference calls, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting manuals.
  • And we are excited to look to the not-so-distant future to organize in-person volunteer opportunities for United States partners.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, TRIMEDX Foundation continues to make a global impact by raising the standard of healthcare for communities in need.

TRIMEDX Foundation is a ministry committed to sharing knowledge, inspiring independence and improving healthcare by meeting the unique needs of the communities we serve.