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Spring Pledge Drive Thank You

On behalf of TRIMEDX Foundation’s board of directors and staff, thank you for your support of the annual Spring Pledge Drive. The Foundation is pleased to report that TRIMEDX associate giving increased by 17% during our 3-week pledge period. This increase raised the total amount of associate giving to nearly 9% of all TRIMEDX associates! We are so grateful for your support in making this year’s pledge drive a success! TRIMEDX Foundation depends on gifts of time, talent, and treasure to fulfill our mission of supporting medical equipment and facility maintenance and repair in underserved...

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Board Spotlight: Board Chairman Tim McGeath

Tim McGeath joined Keith Baird (pictured below in a blue TRIMEDX Foundation shirt) and Josetta Caudill on their February 2024 volunteer trip to CURE Zambia. The goal was to provide CURE Zambia’s healthcare facility with health administration organization and biomedical device repair to support the hospital’s quality of care. McGeath, who has served on the board since 2006, wanted to join the trip to express appreciation for our volunteers and contribute to a cause larger than himself.“We have great people and great volunteers at all levels who are willing to serve,” says McGeath, emphasizing...

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TRIMEDX Foundation Welcomes Tina Crafton

TRIMEDX Foundation is pleased to welcome Tina Crafton to the team as the Administrative Coordinator. Tina is a native Hoosier and has worked in various roles for local government for the last 15 years. She brings passion, professionalism, and dedication to her work and is devoted to serving others.

After observing local non-profits in action in her community, Tina has developed a passion to dedicate her service to a dream role where she can support those who dramatically impact the quality of life for so many people around the world and in our Hoosier state. Tina is honored and excited to...

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Renewing Commitment: Mission/Vision/Values Update

The TRIMEDX Foundation has worked purposefully since 2004 to meet the unique needs of healthcare clinics around the world and raise the standard of global health. This year, our team revisited our mission, vision, and values to reaffirm our work as we enter our 20th year of service.

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Celebrating Service: Farewell to Helen Dennison, Kristy Kainrath, and Michael Argir

Goodbyes are never easy, and the TRIMEDX Foundation has three hard farewells to share. Helen Dennison is stepping away from the TRIMEDX Foundation after 13 years of service. Helen began her tenure with the Foundation in 2011 as an administrative assistant and developed and transformed her role into the volunteer coordinator role she recently held. In this role, Helen played a critical role in supporting the TRIMEDX Foundation's work: managing volunteer onboarding, scheduling, retention, and recognition. Her natural ability to connect with volunteers, many of whom are pictured below, and...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Armstrong

The TRIMEDX Foundation has worked purposefully since 2004 to meet the unique needs of healthcare clinics around the world and raise the standard of healthcare. Serving 33 countries, the Foundation and our volunteers have witnessed first-hand the unique challenges each healthcare facility faces, driving a shift to cast a wider net beyond the typical biomedical volunteers that have often filled our volunteer roster. As a Product Manager, TRIMEDX Associate Amanda Armstrong didn’t think that there would be opportunities for her to volunteer for the Foundation and support medical equipment and...

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Where in the World is the TRIMEDX Foundation: 2024 Preview

As the first month of the new year comes to a close, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of an extraordinary year for the TRIMEDX Foundation. 2024 not only marks the start of a new chapter for our organization, but also serves as a celebration of two decades of unwavering commitment to raising the standard of global health in the communities we serve. The TRIMEDX Foundation has worked purposefully since 2004; engaging hundreds of highly skilled and innovative volunteers, developing equitable partnerships with healthcare providers and medical surplus recovery organizations in 33...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Josetta Caudill

January not only marks the beginning of new opportunities but also serves as a time when individuals and organizations alike are tasked with reflecting on their values and setting ambitious goals for the months ahead. Here at the TRIMEDX Foundation, this month is an opportunity to renew our commitment to raising the standard of global health for the communities we serve through engagement, education, and consultation. However, our work would be impossible without the dedicated and passionate volunteers we are so privileged to work alongside for the past 20 years. In 2024, the TRIMEDX...

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