Where in the World is TriMedx Foundation

Where in the World is the TRIMEDX Foundation?

This summer was busy with domestic, United States-based trips: Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs), community clinics and a small medical technology college to name a few. Opportunities to serve stateside provide TRIMEDX Foundation volunteers with a chance to serve without extensive travel. It is also equally important work, as we advocate for responsible equipment donations through the recovery and redistribution of surplus medical equipment. As we expand our focus domestically, TRIMEDX Foundation is dedicated to delivering equipment repair and maintenance, to healthcare facilities serving uninsured and underinsured patients, resulting in improved patient care.

If you have an interest in sharing your time, talent or treasure with TRIMEDX Foundation, emailĀ missions@trimedxfoundation.org. Check this special section regularly for more on Where in the World is the TRIMEDX Foundation?