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TRIMEDX Foundation makes a pivot to continue giving back

If you remember the Friends episode where Ross, Rachel and Chandler move an oversized couch up a narrow, sharp cornered New York City stairwell, then “Pivot!” perfectly describes what most of the world has done during COVID-19 response efforts. It has been the same for TRIMEDX Foundation, as it has risen to the challenge by implementing temporary adjustments during these unprecedented times.    

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Brand evolution: New look, new website

The TRIMEDX Foundation is pleased to announce a brand evolution, including an updated logo and  the launch of a new website. After some exploratory conversations, it was identified the timing was right to elevate, connect and align the TRIMEDX Foundation brand with the corporate brand. This will help increase brand recognition and awareness back to the Foundation, provide consistency with the recent TRIMEDX corporate brand change, and retain original elements that connect to the Foundation’s mission of addressing the international need for medical equipment repair and support to communities in...

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Where in the world is TRIMEDX Foundation? Niger, Africa!

New year and new mission location. On Jan. 11, a team of two biomedical technicians, John Short and Danny Wooden, joined Medxcel associate Greg Taylor for a mission trip to Cure Hospital in Niger. CURE Niger is the only hospital in Niger offering specialty surgical care for physically disabled children with a variety of conditions. As such, the hospital’s impact is extensive. Danny and John are charged with completing preventative maintenance, as well as unboxing, assembling and installing donated equipment, while Greg creates an updated electrical wiring diagram, labels breakers and performs...

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Where in the World is the TRIMEDX Foundation?

This summer was busy with domestic, United States-based trips: Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSROs), community clinics and a small medical technology college to name a few. Opportunities to serve stateside provide TRIMEDX Foundation volunteers with a chance to serve without extensive travel. It is also equally important work, as we advocate for responsible equipment donations through the recovery and redistribution of surplus medical equipment. As we expand our focus domestically, TRIMEDX Foundation is dedicated to delivering equipment repair and maintenance, to healthcare...

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TRIMEDX Foundation continues to make a global impact

There is a tremendous need for working medical equipment in developing countries, which are home to more than 80% of the world’s population. In fact, the need for functioning medical equipment in these countries may be even greater than the need for doctors. Most hospitals and clinics in these countries cannot buy basic supplies and are forced to rely primarily on equipment donations. Just like any other mechanical device, medical equipment needs to be maintained and repaired when problems arise. Few of these hospitals and clinics have employees trained to make repairs, and it is estimated...

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